About Terra Firma NW
Terra Firma NW was started in 2000 by Brandon Bolt and Justin Paulsen as a small framing and
siding company.  That was nearly ten years ago, and since our inception, Terra Firma has been
involved in over 40 residential and commercial projects.  In those 10 years we have added several key
staff members, expanding our business and modeling the company around a "Project Based"
contracting model.

The Project Based model states that when we take on a project, we take on the full spectrum of
services relating to the construction.  From the first day on the job, we work with our clients to review
documents and plans, make suggestions, research materials and formulate budgets.  It is our goal to
not only build the project, but to do so within each of our individual client's parameters.  By working
directly with Architects, Engineers and various Systems Designers from the very beginning, our project
management and on-site management team are better able to plan and execute your project.

Terra Firma NW owns and operates our own fleet of specialized equipment, allowing us to meet the
needs of individual jobs without unnecessary delays.  By having the right tools and the right people
where and when they need to be there, we are able to better serve the needs of our clients.  We
continue to update and increase or fleet of services to our clients - including our milling and fabrication
facility which is currently planed to be operational in 2012.  
Our Staff
A business mentor once told us  "If you want your business to be successful, hire people smarter,
more talented and more creative that yourself."  He also said - "and whatever you do, don't let them
go!"  In our 10 years in business, that philosophy has remained true.  At Terra Firma, our employees
are our family and the  key to our success.  We believe that keeping our employees and their families
healthy, happy and secure leads to better work and in turn, a better return on investment for our clients.
99 Mountain View Street
Eastsound, WA 98245

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Terra Firma NW
A Washington State Limited Liability Company